The world of medicine does provide us with some complex terminologies that seem pretty hard to learn and understand. But let’s not forget that it is crucial to learn them in order to get a grip on the subject, and that is why medical terminology books are important.

For a beginner who is just stepping the foot into the medical field, the basic terminologies are a must. They serve the purpose of making the students learn the different complicated words associated with the medical sciences and also help the students get a basic understanding of the matter.

There are numerous amount of books available in the market related to the medical terminologies but it is hard to find the right one for you as per your level of understanding. But there’s nothing to worry about because we have created a whole list of Medical Terminologies books that are known to be best in the market.

The below-listed medical terminology books are carefully selected from the point of view of student’s learning.

The selection of these books was based on the simplicity level, the matter, contents of the books, popularity among the buyers, etc.

1. Medical Terminology For Health Professions 8th Edition

Medical Terminology For Health Professions 8th Edition

The Authors of Medical Terminology for Health Professions are Ann Ehrlich, Carol L. Schroeder, Laura Ehrlich, Katrina A. Schroeder. The 8th Edition of the book was published in the year 2016. The book is known to be one of the best selling books that we have related to Medical Terminology.

The book is a complete guide to the medical terminologies as it includes medical terms along with suffixes, prefixes, and root words. It is designed in a way to make it easier for beginners to learn medical terms with effective tools.

The structure of the Medical Terminology for health professions 8th Edition is also pretty impressive. The book is arranged as per the body systems. The chapters of the book will first give you an overview of the terms that you are going to study then later will explain structure and functions.

Apart from making you understand medical terminologies, this book also emphasizes the function of the human body, diagnosis of diseases, treatment, etc. Also, you will find exercise in every chapter that will help you practice, along with the flashcards.

2. Medical Terminology Made Easy

Medical Terminology Made Easy

The book, Medical Terminology Made Easy is written by Eva Regan and the first edition of the book was published in the year 2016. This book is everything about making it easy for health professionals to learn the subject and make them understand it effectively. The book justifies its name by actually simplifying the method of learning medical terminologies.

Medical Terminology Made Easy is designed especially for beginners who are just stepping into the field. The author has brilliantly organized the book in just 150 pages and has covered all the aspects concerned with the subject. Like the previous one, this book also contains the suffixes, prefixes and root words.

Apart from this, the complete guide about medical terminologies also teaches you how to use these medical terminologies, how to deconstruct the complicated words into simpler ones. Medical Terminology Made Easy is designed while keeping in mind the understanding level of non-medics.

Also, an impressive thing to note about this book is that it also uses eponyms, homonyms, the etymology of medical terms, and how the plurals are formed. Not to mention, the illustrations are there to make it even easier for you.

3. Medical Terminology For Dummies

Medical Terminology For Dummies

Medical Terminology for Dummies is written by Beverly Henderson and Jennifer Dorsey and was published in the year 2008. ‘For Dummies’ is here to imply that this book is written from the beginner’s point of view on what they expect from a book and is also best for their level of understanding.

The book has an interesting approach to the complicated medical terms and also used a friendly manner to help learn the students. Medical Terminology for Dummies uses the typical pattern of breaking down words into simpler forms such as in Prefix, root word, then suffix, but an interesting thing about this book is that it uses mnemonics for the better understanding of the subject.

The book also focuses on making you understand the function of various body systems, the diseases related to them, their diagnosis, treatment, etc. The book is ideal for learning the basics of physiology and anatomy along with medical terminologies.

4. Medical Terminology: A Living Language

Medical Terminology: A Living Language

Medical Terminology: A Living Language is written by Bonnie F. Fremgen and Suzanne S. Frucht. It was published in the year 2018. As far as medical terminology is concerned this book is your complete package and there is nothing that you can not learn and understand about medical terms.

The book is so good that most health professions would swear on this one. It is definitely one of the best books concerned with medical terminology and will help you understand the subject thoroughly. The book includes various diagrams, illustrations, examples, to give you an easier approach to learning the medical terms.

Medical Terminology: A Living Language also uses various tools that will help you practice and memorize the content in an effective way. At the end of every chapter, you will find some exercise and practice sessions to test your learning.

The book emphasizes on making you learn the concepts related to the medical terminology, better and faster. It not only gives you a better understanding of the subject by using an interesting approach but it will also help you use word parts to build the terms instead of memorizing them, so if you are one of them who like to learn new things, you won’t go wrong with this one.

5. Medical Terminology: The Best and Most Effective Way to Memorize, Pronounce and Understand Medical Terms

Medical Terminology: The Best and Most Effective Way to Memorize, Pronounce and Understand Medical Terms

The book is written by David Anderson and the second edition of Medical Terminology was published in the year 2016. It is an independently published book that gives you complete knowledge on the subject in less than 200 pages. The book uses several techniques and approaches to facilitates the learning process for the students.

Medical Terminology may sometimes be a little complicated and difficult to learn and memorize, and this book by David Anderson serve as the must-resource for all your medical term curiosities. Medical Terminology by David Anderson does not intimidate the students by heavy pages and giant book but it rather focuses on making it concise for the students learning the medical terminology for the first time.

Apart from facilitating the learning process, it also emphasizes on making the reader memorize the words effectively by introducing various practice sessions at the end of every chapter. It is known for simplifying everything for the students who are learning medical terminology for the first time.

6. Quick Medical Terminology: A Self Teaching Guide

Quick Medical Terminology: A Self Teaching Guide

Quick Medical Terminology: A Self Teaching Guide 5th Edition is written by Shirley Soltesz Steiner and Natalie Pate Capps. One of the best selling books concerned with Medical terminology, the Quick Medical Terminology: A self-teaching guide provides an effective approach to cover all the aspects related to the subject.

It breaks down the complicated words into prefix, suffix and root words to give you a better understanding. Also, it helps you learn the anatomy of the human body along with the diseases associated with the different parts. The book features an in-depth explanation of each terminology to give you a complete overview.

Apart from this, you will also learn the way to pronounce those complicated words effectively as the author has also added a session to give you the right pronunciation of the words. Also, Quick Medical Terminology: A Self Teaching Guide features various practice sessions to help you memorize and practice the words.


Medical Terminology may seem a difficult subject, but it is also crucial for the students who are just beginning into the field. The terms may seem complicated at first, but if you have the right book with you, I am sure learning medical terminology will be no task.

The above-mentioned books provide satisfying results and is great for beginners. They are selected on the basis of buyer experience and its effectiveness. All of them have a different approach to the subject but each of them stands firm on the expectations of the students and fulfills the readers’ intent.

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